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Want to go for diamond shopping?

Wedding rings, special presents or even a reward for you, diamonds are one of the most sought after choices in these categories. Chances are, you are looking for one right now, which brought you here! We understand the struggle that is shopping, much more so when it is so expensive. Well, look no further; here are some helpful things to keep in mind that will make the process a little easier for you!

Cuts and shapes

It would help you to familiarize yourself with the types of diamond cuts and shapes. Most stores give you details on the ones they have. One of the most popular shapes is the round brilliant, which gets its fame for being exceptionally sparkly. Other shapes include princess which is a square shaped gem, cushion shaped which has a rounded square shape and marquise that has an elongating effect to your fingers. Cuts actually refer to the angles or facets on the surface of your gemstone that give it its unique ways of catching light.


Prices of diamonds vary depending on several factors such as cuts, carat weight or even colour. The prices rise with rarity of the diamonds such as colourless diamonds or ones without inclusions or blemishes (imperfections). The prices also vary if you opt for lab-grown diamonds which come at a staggeringly affordable price compared to their natural counterparts. However lab-grown diamonds offer an almost perfect gemstone that does not disappoint in terms of visuals, making them a great option.

Verification and quality

The quality of a diamond is famously assessed by the 4 C’s, namely clarity, cut, colour and carat weight. A diamond is judged by its characteristics in these four categories to determine it’s value and quality. These gems are usually graded by two esteemed labs, the Gemological Institute of America and the International Gemological Institute. They are well known for their judgement in analysing a diamond and producing a good inspection of its characteristics. If we were to think of IGI vs GIA diamonds, both have their benefits and offer reliable results.

With this you should now be able to walk into the stores with the confidence that you can pick out the best one for your budget and preference!

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