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Things to keep in mind when looking for personalized rings

Customized engagement rings are a grand way to start off any marriage. However, custom made engagement rings can be a big task as you have to figure out all the details yourself with little room for error. Here is an easy guide to help you keep track!


You want to get as much inspiration as you can whether it be from old catalogues for vintage designs or online for modern and chic designs. Collect images for a while before going to get a ring done so you know you can find the best of all options and can mix and match to explore.

Gemstone colours

Colours are important to give your ring a cohesive look so take your time to come up with the palette. You can play it safe and go for all diamonds for a classic timeless look as well. You want to pick colours that complement each other instead of providing stark contrast so they don’t take attention away from each other.


Your options are endless since you have platinum, white gold, gold or even silver for affordable options. Choose the one you feel goes best with the gemstones you picked as well as take your loved one’s preference into account.


Some designs are harder to achieve than others and may have to be modified according to your gemstone or metal. For example, platinum is a softer metal, but it does not wear with time. It can be dented easily, often giving it the desired, aging “patina” appearance. On the other hand, white gold is harder, holding onto intricate designs better.

Professional help

You will be relieved to know that you will be helped by a professional throughout the whole process. Not only will they tell you whether your design needs modification, they can add valuable suggestions. They will even provide 2D and 3D visuals of your ring so you can have a better idea.

The process is all the more meaningful since it’s done with love, so take your time to get an outstanding ring for the big day!

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