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Let's find out some well-known cryptocurrencies

Cryptography - The Latin word Krypto means ‘hidden’ cryptography is basically like writing code like modern art that decodes meaningfully. It was first used during World War II when news signals were sent by radio and failed because the method of decryption was unknown to them.

Currency- The second part of the cryptocurrency is currency. It is a token that has a specific price with which to buy a product or service. Before the coinage, there was a system where goods were available instead of goods. The monetary system forms a stable economic system or structure. Currency and notes are a very common method in conventional transactions. Moreover, various types of paper, including bank checks, money orders, are prevalent as currency. From this point of view, cryptocurrency has made the currency system much more advanced digitally.

We already know what cryptocurrency is. Let's find out now about some of the popular cryptocurrencies.

§ Bitcoin: Among digital currencies, Bitcoin is the most popular and first digital currency discovered in 2009. 2017 is considered to be an unforgettable year for Bitcoin, as its current target exceeds almost 6,400$ which is currently 8,330$ and is expected to

increase further in the future. Most of all, buy bitcoins. And it is also the best-selling.

§ Ethidium: It's a bit like Bitcoin, but almost everything is controlled by blockchain technology. Its current market value is around 320-325$.

§ Ripple: Although it is a digital currency, it is the most widely used digital currencies for transactions with banks. This is why Ripple is becoming very popular in dealing with the international market in a short period.

§ Lite Coin: This is another popular cryptocurrency that is very similar to Bitcoin but much faster. It currently has a market value of about 58-60$.

Finally, it can be said that in the modern era, cryptocurrency is changing our economic system differently. Which depends entirely on technology! Today we got a different idea about cryptocurrency which is beneficial for our future investment of making money.

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