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How are artificial jewelries created?

We have more or less knowledge on the manufacturing process of natural jewelries. But do you know the manufacturing processes of man-made jewelries? Did you ever feel curious on knowing about the processes?

Before we go deep inside the manufacturing process, let us know about the materials that are mixed along with the original stones. Imitation jewelries are made with mixed with materials such as glass, fiber and leather. Other materials such as beads, brass, stainless steel, resin, ceramic, jute etc. are also required in making artificial jewelries.

Man-made jewelries are made according to the types of gemstones used and the materials they are mixed with. For instance, lab grown diamonds are created with two different methods: HPHT and CVD. HPHT (High pressure high temperature) places intense (approximately 1500 degrees Celsius) and pressure of around 1.5 million pounds per square inch. They are placed on the diamond seeds and the carbon atoms coating the seeds. These diamonds are similar to the real diamonds. On the other hand, CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) uses fewer amounts of heat and pressure and introduces a mixture of chemical gases that can break down and eventually form into crystallized carbon atoms. Both of the processes bring out the same results and in a couple of weeks.

Some of the jewelry pieces that can be generated from man-made diamonds are lab created diamond wedding band, lab created earrings, lab created bracelets and much more. Other types of jewelry are also made in the same process more or less.

Some of the benefits of buying man-made jewelries are that they are much cheaper than the original ones. They cause less pollution as they do not involve much digging. They have the same physical, chemical and optical properties similar to the original ones. Lab grown jewelries are of high quality as they provide with the right amount of cut, carat, clarity and color.

You can also look out for lab grown jewelries and compare them. For instance, look out for lab grown diamonds UK vs. lab grown diamonds USA.

In conclusion, man-made jewelries are in huge demand today due to its availability and purity. They are safer to use and will save your money up to 30-40%. Although it has a very little resale amount, you can certainly sell them for lower prices if you need a certain amount of cash.

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