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Diamond Shapes Used in Jewelry

We know that a diamond cut and shape aren’t the same things. It isn’t to understand these two factors as a common person. But we do need to know about the different shapes found for making the best jewelry design. There is one design that will suit our style perfectly.

The most common one we have known all these years is the round shape that is especially used in rings. It is also called a brilliant cut because of the light reflection angle. The style is still popular. Now we have the emerald cut diamond as a popular shape that is either a square or rectangle with excellent clarity. This one can work for any jewelry item. We also know about the princess cut and pear cut diamonds that are also used to shine bright and dazzle in different angles. We can make exclusive rings, pendants, or bracelets with these shapes.

Several other shapes are rising to popularity for a beautiful piece of jewelry. It can be an octagon, oval, blend of other shapes, boat-shaped, heart-shaped, and many others. Each shape also comes with colors and radiance of different types. We will get mesmerized with the reflection even from the smallest size. But first, we need to understand what does diamond cut mean more clearly.

Cut refers to the style in which to polish or design the diamond. The shapes that we see in the diamond jewelry store aren’t the same as the cut. But we have to know a good shape and let the styler know about it. Then we can try out the best shape and get the jewelry made. For any bridal or regular fashion jewelry made of diamonds, contact a local or online jewelry shop and talk about your desired shapes and designs. The skilled jewelers will help you to make your favorite jewelry.

In case we need to repair or renovate any old jewelry, we can also talk to these stores. They will let you know whether to mend it or change it to a new style with the desired diamond shape.

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