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5 tools that are used in jewelry making

We admire the different shapes and the designs of the jewelries that we come across in the market. But, do we know the process and the hard work that goes on making such unique pieces?

All the metals go through different types of cuts when they are cleaned after they are extracted from the ground. The diamond cut, gold cut, silver cut and the platinum cut are some of the common elements done in making jewelry.

Not only that, the cuts of these elements are them compared to each other like diamond cut good vs very good and are then selected for making into jewelries and other materials.

Speaking of making jewelries, we are going to know about the five different tools that are used in cutting these hard elements:

Ø Pliers: There are many kinds of pliers and their main function is to bend the jewelry materials into different shapes. The rings, bracelets and the bangles are some examples of where we can find the bending of the materials. Some earrings such as the loop earrings are also bended.

Ø Needle files: They are smaller in size and are mostly used in finishing and shaping any metals that are then made into jewelries. They come in many different shapes so that we can finish the metals into the different kinds of shapes that we desire. You will also need to buy extra handles so that the files are easier to handle while working on them.

Ø Cutters: Cutters are used in cutting any excess material that is not required while making any jewelry shape. There are many types of cutters that can be used, but you need to make sure that you are using the right one as each metal is different from each other.

Ø Tweezers: Tweezers are used for placing the designs such stones on to the jewelry items. This tool is easier to use as it places in one direction without any disruption.

Ø Magnification tool: This tool is crucial in measuring the precision quality of the stones before placing them on the desired metals. They come with different powers and can magnify as much as you want.

These are the important machineries that determine the look and the charming effect of the jewelry. We should be appreciative to those who work day and night for providing us with luxurious items like jewelry.

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